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Goat & Sheep Supplies / Equipment 

hay net.jpg

Hay Net

This is great way to reduce hay waste. You can hang inside barn for feeding hay. Keeps hay up off the ground and out of manure. 

hoof trimmers.jpg

Hoof Trimmers

Sheep and Goats need their hoofs trimmed as they grow just like our nails. These trimmers are used to trim off the excess hoof growth back down to the hoof pad.



Here is a halter made specifically for goats and sheep. These animals can be halter broke if you work with them (just like dogs). 


Drench Syringe

This drencher is a must. You will find that you have to treat small ruminants with oral medications (dewormer, fluids, etc.) and this is the easiest way to do that. 


Educational Book

There are lots of resources out on the internet but if you are the type that prefers a book, here is just one of many great printed text out there. 



This solution has many uses. The most common uses are to disinfect and clean wounds. Great for dipping navels to prevent infections. 



A thermometer is a great tool to have. When you have a sick animal first thing you should do is check their temperature. This can help you and your vet better diagnose the problem.


Bandage Wrap

Vet wrap is very handy. You never know when one of your animals may sprain or break a leg. This can be used with a splint to stabilize the leg. 


Blood Stop Powder

This powder can be used to stop minor bleeds caused by trimming hoofs to short or just from cuts 



The main component of this drench is propylene glycol. This can be used as a boost for down sheep and goats. 


Vitamin B

Vitamin B has many uses. It can be used to increase energy and appetite. Also very commonly prescribed to treat polio. 


Flat Back Buckets

Flat buckets allow you to hang buckets up off the ground to prevent contamination from manure. The flat back allows them to rest nicely aginst stall walls.  


Small Carabiner Clip

These are so handy to have on hand. They can be used to clip buckets up or even secure wire panels. 


Electric Fence Kit

This is a great setup for a beginner or to add to existing set up. This fence can be placed anywhere since the charger is solar. Once all the grass is consumed you can pull up and set it up on a new area. 


Panel Hinge

Your options are endless with these wire hinges. You can take any wire panels and connect them. I have used them to make pens, corrals, hay feeders, and more. 


Mineral Feeder

This small feeder can be wall mounted to keep contamination to a minimum. I put loose mineral in one side and baking soda in the other. 


Water Tank Heater

This heater is very handy in the winter to keep water buckets from freezing over. Its very important that your animals always have access to clean and fresh water. 


Syringes (Disposable)

You will want to make sure that you vaccinate your animals with CDT at least once a year. If you ever have a sick animal, you will find yourself needing syringes for injectable and oral medications. 


Needle (Disposable)

These "leur lock" syringes are my personal favorite over "slip lock." They will screw right into the syringes above and you can draw up and administer injectable medications. 


Heat Lamp

This heat lamp is more on the pricy side but is a lot safer for your barn. The full enclosure helps to prevent animal burns and fires if it were to dismount. 


Copper Bolus

Most areas are deficient in copper. These slow release bolus is a great way to meet requirements. There is also research backing these to reduce parasite internal burden when combined with a dewormer. 

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