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How did this happen???

              My brother and I first got started in the fainting goats when we had asked for them for Christmas one year. The fainting goats stuck out to use more than any other breed of goats. Who wouldn't want a goat that fainted? We started out with our very first goat, "Shelby". We only got her by herself and found out right away that she needed a friend. My brother and I both really enjoyed having the goats around and decided to start breeding them. We started out just breeding a few goats and then expanded. We currently have around 40 Doe's that we breed. It's a lot of responsibility having so many goats but my brother and I really enjoy and take pride in caring for each one. By getting into the fainting goat business it has really allowed us to meet some great people and we have really enjoyed working long and hard to get where we are today.  

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