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English Lab Puppies

Click on each puppy to view more photos and a video of each pup. The color indicates the color of the collar of each puppy. If you would like to place a deposit on one of these pups please call (336) 963-4576

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Both parents are AKC registered (Dad is fully registered and Mom has limited registration.) All puppies have been FULLY vaccinated (they have received all of their puppy vaccines including rabies and bordetella).  They have been dewormed 3 times each and have been started on a flea and tick as well as a heartworm preventative. Each puppy has also been microchipped. They have been fully vetted and can be boarded or travel anywhere! 

These puppies will be ready for their new home on December 29! 


Birthday: July 9th, 2021 

Our Story

These puppies have had quite a rough start in life. It all started when they were attacked inside of their kennel by a skunk in the middle of the night. Within a couple of days I got the call with the bad news, the skunk tested positive for rabies. Since the pups were too young to be vaccinated, we were informed that our options were euthanasia or quarantine with a vet for 4 months per NC law. We immediately called our vet and then vet hospitals and clinics all over North Carolina with no luck. We only had that day to either find a vet that would quarantine or they would have to euthanize. We tried our best but could not locate anyone that would take on that many puppies. So animal control came out to euthanize that afternoon. When they arrived and saw their faces, both officers pulled out their phones and began calling. After calling numerous vets they finally found High Point Vet Hospital. They took all the puppies in that same day and were able to keep them together. We are extremely thankful for all of the vets and staff that made it possible. After 2 months we were able to bring the puppies home to finish out their quarantine. These puppies have been able to stay together and we can say for certain that they have not missed any love and affection at any point along the way. It's been quite the roller coaster ride but these sweet puppies deserve a loving forever home. 


Sadie Mae


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