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- 10/17/23 -

Deposits are $100 each and non-refundable. 

Pricing is dependent on coat pattern, eye color, sex, and horn status ($350-$650) 

*Please know that the Horn Status and Eye Color of any kid is subject to change. When the kids are so young it is hard to determine if they will be polled or horned. The eye color can change as the goat becomes older but we try to give the best current description of their eye color at the time of the picture.*

Please let us know if you have any questions!

*Click on each kid to see more pictures and detailed information on each kid.*

Looking for a Pet or Lawnmower? 

May we suggest a Wether? A Wether is a male goat that has been "banded." This prevents them from being able to breed and also prevents them from urinating on themselves which is what causes the "billy goat odor." 

A lot of people think that females have a better temperament but it's not necessarily true. We have some GREAT Wethers here on the farm that have made awesome pets! Wethers also make great companions for other lonely herd animals. Have a lonely horse, llama, alpaca? Wethers make great pasture buddies! 

We will "fix" any of the Buckling that we have for sale at no additional charge!


Contact Us Today to Reserve your Wether! 

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